Floodin in London

February 15th, 2009 + 12:02 AM  ·  bluesmaster75

This is an Instrumental blues piece I did with a backing track and a program called Guitar Rig 3. This is my first upload in quite awhile. I hope you enjoy.

Ode to Bettencourt

July 21st, 2005 + 9:07 PM  ·  bluesmaster75

This might sound familiar to some.I did this to show a little more of my style of play in hopes of maybe writing some music with other band amp users. hope you enjoy

Bluesmaster jam

May 21st, 2005 + 1:05 AM  ·  bluesmaster75

hey guys tell me what you think of this i made it with a backing track and a program called guitar fx it only took ten minutes and is just a jam .  i recommend the program highly, also i would like to mention that i love the blues and would like to correspond or trade ideas with other players, also if you are taking the time to listen please rate the song as well.
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